Alexa Hampton’s Redesign of a Bridgehampton NY Weekend Retreat

Alexa Hampton decorated a house in Bridgehampton, New York, for a young family. The clients bought a spec house which was decorated with taffeta curtains and you could find crystal-beaded [...]

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The Instagrammable Restaurant Design Trend

San Francisco entrepreneurs Madelyn Markoe and Jessie Barker had to design Media Noche, a new restaurant concept. This was their first time designing a restaurant however, they lacked inspiration. So, [...]

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Crazy Wallcovering Ideas You Have to See

The fact that wallcoverings are making a comeback is evident everywhere we look. In order to satisfy the demands of the customers, brands, artists, and designers keep on inventing wilder [...]

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This Penthouse Emulates Sophistication and functionality High Above Park Avenue

This residence is set high above Park Avenue, and it had a distinct elegance that reminded you of the 1930s. The prewar apartment was designed to entertain only the most [...]

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A Brief Guide to Venetian Plaster

"Living with lime-plastered walls is like living inside a Rothko painting," says interior designer Leigh Herzig. If you want to feel what its like to live inside a Rothko painting, [...]

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Out Of This World Home Lighting Ideas

Decorating the home is much more than furniture and ornaments, these days, in order to truly give your home the perfect look, you have to think about the lighting. It [...]

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Michael Berman’s Wallcovering Design Tips | AlphaBrand

The work of nationally known interior designer Michael Berman can be seen from New York to Los Angeles. He teamed up with the company Fromental to put out his debut [...]

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5 Design Trends We’re Loving from Buzzy NYC Eateries

If you want to snoop for the newest design ideas, the best option is trendy restaurants. The best thing about scouting this way is that you get to have cocktails [...]

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  • Bette Midler's Amazing Manhattan Penthouse 3

Bette Midler’s Amazing Manhattan Penthouse

Bette Midler is a force of nature in show business, she is also known as the Divine Miss M. She is spellbound by artisan footnotes. They are those subtle details [...]

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How To Prevent Mold Growth Behind Wallcoverings

Many home design trends are mentioning how wallcoverings are coming back. These days, they aren't even used just on walls. There are a lot of design schemes where you can [...]

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