AlphaBrand is the leading installer of luxury wallcoverings found in internationally acclaimed residential and commercial branded spaces across the United States.

Trend-setting architects and professional interior designers rely on AlphaBrand to deliver the highest quality and craftsmanship required to transform bare spaces into awe-inspiring masterpieces.

AlphaBrand’s master craftsmen can install a wide range of types and textures of wallcoverings including vinyl, silk, hand painted, leather, acoustical and mural designs… in over thousands of designs and patterns.

Get a feel for the types and styles of wallcoverings that can add a little drama and awe to your space.

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Vinyl wallcovering

Vinyl Wallcovering is extremely durable and looks amazing . It emulates a luxurious look and feel at an affordable price.   Vinyl wallcovering is generally specified by interior designers and arc...
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Hand Painted Wall Paper

Hand painted wall paper is a bespoke finish created on smaller rectangle pieces of paper.  The process is created by saturating paper, hand made from plant fibers, with water based colorants that ar...
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Silk Wallcovering

Silk wallcovering is a luxurious material that is soft to the touch and adds a dramatic finish to a space. Silk wallcovering has a vibrant fabric shine, much like the feel and shine of a fine Italian ...
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Hand Painted Wallcovering

Hand painted wallcovering is a bespoke finish designed by real artists that create true works of art. This 18th century inspired art form is first hand-painted on a canvas and then is applied on a vi...
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LED Wallcovering

LED Wallcovering was pioneered in 2004 by Meystyle a London based wallcovering design company.  This bespoke wallcovering technology can turn any wall into a work of art. LEDs provide a soft mood l...
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Leather Wallcovering

Leather wallcovering is a custom finish that looks amazing when combined with hard materials.  Leather wallcovering is used to soften a space and provide a unique accent when used in conjunction with...
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Mural Wallcovering

Vinyl Mural wallcoverings are unique accents that can be added to smaller spaces to provide depth or simply to add character. Most common mural themes include famous cities, landscapes, beach scenes, ...
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Dry Erase Wallcovering

Dry erase wallcovering can turn a wall or entire space into a collaborative environment.  Covering entire walls in dry erase wallcovering allows all collaborators to engage and move around without h...
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Acoustical Wallcovering

Acoustical wall covering is used for its sound-absorbing and softening properties found in concert halls, opera houses, home theaters and movie theaters.  Acoustical Wallcovering can be a fabric or a...
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