Hotel 13 a 238 multi-level suite hotel and casino located in Macau China will be one of the world’s most expensive hotels ever built costing a cool $1.4 billion dollars. Former investment banker and billionaire Stephen Hung is the brainchild of the super luxury hotel and casino branded Hotel 13, and aims to set the highest standards for lifestyle experiences available only to the super rich.

Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme, a designer and direct descendant of the 17th century French king is a special advisor to the project and New York architect Peter Marino, creator of flagship stores Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, is designing the hotel.

To bask in the luxuries of royalty, the most expensive suites have been publicized to rent for HK$1 million (US$129,000) per night. And if you don’t like crowded malls, an invitation-only retail center for couture and limited edition luxury goods is available at the guests request. Don’t hail an Didi Kuaidi (China’s version of Uber) Louis XIII has put down a US$5 million deposit for the world’s largest fleet of custom Rolls Royce Phantoms, 30 in all, including two of the most expensive vehicles Rolls Royce has ever built…all to usher its clients to their desired destinations.

Stephen Hung said,”I am seeking to recapture the values of of a golden age when all luxury was bespoke, artisanal and personalized.”

The Villa du Comte is a split-level, one-bedroom villa that includes a private elevator lobby, butler service, a Roman bath and stained-glass and marble bathroom. The décor combines floor-to-ceiling baroque details and period artworks contrasted with surprising modern elements woven together through exceptional craftsmanship to create a romantic environment. To complement the Baroque setting, Mr. Hung created, together with leading artisans, a glittering series of faceted chrome furniture for the living room.

La Villa Du Comte is the entry level suite (roughly 2,000 square feet each) has been designed and master crafted with a superb amount of detail.

La Villa Du Comte located within THE 13 Macau, China.

The living room of the Villa Du Comte suite is lavishly furnished with custom pieces, a ceiling painted in the style of the Sistine Chapel and finished with gold greek columns.

roman Bathroom

The Roman Bath is capable of holding six to eight guests is situated below a crystal chandelier.  The bath tub can be covered by an elaborate retractable marble floor when not in use.

Photos" Louis XIII Holdings Limited

The bathroom is flanked with Roman Columns, stained glass windows, a gold rotunda ceiling with period painted pieces and custom designed modern elements.

Private Elevator

Each elevator passes directly in front of the suites personal lobby where guests do not have to walk long corridors to catch an elevator.

13 bedroom suite

The bedroom looks like it was cut of the 17 century with its gold carved ceilings, velvet canopy and marble diamond patterned floors.

The 13 is scheduled to open in September of 2016.