Glam Rooms are the new “It-Girl” dedicated space that is used for everything related to beauty and primping. These days Glam Rooms are a must for celebrities especially those who are dominating social media. The tradition dates back to Cleopatra, but there is one family that made the term as famous as it is, the Kardashians. Kylie Jenner is the youngest sister, and she owns Kylie Cosmetics, which is here signature makeup line.

She has a few houses, but she decided to do a renovation and add a Glam Room in one of them. The room is wall covered in lips of all shapes, sizes and colors because her luscious lips are what she is known for. She uploaded a few pics of the room as a preview on Snapchat (See below).

We can see that the room is a dream-come-true from her posts, with the wallcovering featuring lips that model several shades of lipstick. The room is covered with pink marble and it perfectly suits Kylie’s personality, plus the light bulbs will surely be studio-quality for the right selfie lighting.

Take a sneak peek below of Kylie’s glam room as shown on her SnapChat story.  Would you like to add a Glam Room to your space?  Learn how AlphaBrand can transform any space into a Glam Room sanctuary.