We look for inspiration on the internet for anything from color palettes to the whole room layout. There are many ideas and we’ve decided to showcase the best ones from Pinterest. But, these designs aren’t just about beauty, they are also functional. When you’re at home there are many things that require functionality. From functional storage to amazing wallcoverings, without further ado, here are the best home trends chosen by Pinterest:

Danish Hygge (Pronounced”HOO-gah”)

Hygge Pronounced”HOO-gah” is the Danish word for cozy or comfortable. The lifestyle buzzword has increased 285% in recent Pinterest searches and is so big in Britain that the Collins Dictionary called it one of the top 10 words of 2016.  Hygge has been practiced by the Danes for many centuries, the rest of us are just catching up these days.

Examples of things that are hygge are candles, snuggling under a blanket, and drinking hot coffee from a mug on a cool morning.

With the Hygge philosophy in mind, people design their spaces with warm hues and cozy materials nowadays. In this Palm Beach villa, we can see how the Terra-cotta-colored walls offer such a rich background for the furnishings and art in the salon designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux.

Faux Finish

Renting requires more temporary design solutions than permanent ones. Usually, you wouldn’t want anything permanent if you plan on moving out in a year or two. So, people are putting up faux wallcoverings such as stick-on subway tiles. On the picture, we can see a São Paulo bath decorated by a faux-marble tub. The design is credited to Jorge Elias.

Wallcovering In the Bath Room

Proof that all great minds think alike is that when we were wondering if wallcoverings in the bath are the next great thing, the internet agreed with us.

People are specifically interested in quick updates, which means removable styles is the way to go. In this Monte Carlo residence, we can see the beautiful powder room which is designed by Timothy Whealon. It showcases an amazing Phillip Jeffries wallpaper.

Everything Pink

People on Pinterest have been looking for everything from blush pillows to rosy bathroom tiles. Pink is a soothing color and it blends really well with other colors. We can see it in this South Carolina bedroom designed by Amelia T. Handegan.

Unconventional Storage

Closets are a thing of the past. There is no reason to get one when there are many more beautiful things that can be utilized in the same way.

We see that people are looking for alternative storage containers. Baskets, luggage, and vintage trunks are the places to put your clothes. This San José del Cabo villa was designed by Marshall Watson, we can see how perfectly the Spanish antique trunk fits the master bedroom.