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5 Gorgeous Beach Inspired Living Rooms Done Right | Alphabrand

After a long winter, beaches are everyone's go-to destination in the summer. From blue skies to the sounds of the ocean the colors and textures of the beach really have [...]

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Custom Vinyl Wall Covering Benefits

We can thank modern print technology and decorative wallcoverings for getting rid of the same old bland retail spaces and offices. Everyone knows how great wallpaper looks, but they have [...]

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Ivanka Trump’s New Washington D.C. Home

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner moved to Washington, D.C. from their longtime residence in New York City due to both of their high-level advisory positions appointed by father and [...]

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Got Seven Figures? Brooklyn Real Estate is Sizzeling

In the past few years, the rise of Brooklyn and its cool appeal to families, businesses and startups has made the popular borough a hot real estate market for home buyers. [...]

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Peek Inside Kylie Jenner’s Glam Room Renovation

Glam Rooms are the new "It-Girl" dedicated space that is used for everything related to beauty and primping. These days Glam Rooms are a must for celebrities especially those who [...]

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Why Wallcovering is Better than Paint

We can thank modern print technology for making vinyl wallcovering one of the most desirable finishes found in luxury homes and commercial spaces like five-star hotels and super-luxury retailers. Everyone knows [...]

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Brooklyn’s Most Famous Boutiques Goes Bicoastal

A new favorite Brooklyn boutique - called Bird is on the rise and flourishing while most apparel retailers are struggling to survive. Bird's founder, Jen Mankins is credited to have [...]

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Top 5 Home Trends on Pinterest

We look for inspiration on the internet for anything from color palettes to the whole room layout. There are many ideas and we've decided to showcase the best ones from [...]

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The Allure of Topiary Gardens

Topiaries are the perfect way to add a little sophistication and character to gardens. With fancy creatures or symmetrical figures, you can beautify any garden. Per the Wikipedia definition, a Topiary [...]

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Design Review Of A $3.5M Brooklyn Townhouse

This beautiful $3,495,000 townhouse designed by Miles Redd can be found just one block from the 5th Avenue Hub in Park Slope. The precise address for this South Slope home [...]

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